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Welcome to the [Desikhoj.in] family. Our organisation is dedicated to promoting an enriched Indian lifestyle. We provide you with Desi health tips and traditional Indian recipes for living a healthy life. Our mission is to raise awareness for living a healthy and balanced life and to inspire you to incorporate traditional Indian elements into your diet and lifestyle.

Before we publish a recipe, it must meet three criteria:

First, it has to taste good.

Next, it needs to meet our nutrition parameters. We analyse the nutrition data of every recipe we develop and carefully consider each ingredient we call for to ensure that we are making recipes that not only taste good, but also are good for you.

And finally, the recipe has to be dependable—meaning that when you are making it at home, the recipe is easy to follow and it works.

Our Health Tips

Our team of experts, including Ayurvedic physicians and health specialists, provides you with essential advice for a healthy lifestyle. We offer information on natural and effective remedies, as well as appropriate nutrition for a healthy life.

Our Recipes

Our Desi recipes, prepared by culinary experts, rejuvenate the simplicity and taste of Indian traditional cuisine. The delicious ingredients and natural elements used in our traditional Indian dishes help make your meals healthy.

Through the content and advice we provide, we strive to guide you on the path to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. By joining us, you can take the first step towards positive change and embark on a journey of health and happiness.

Thank You

We express heartfelt gratitude to every member of the [Desikhoj.in] family. Your support is crucial to us and motivates us to serve you better. We are committed to enhancing the messages shared with you on your journey towards health and happiness.

Thank you for joining us on this adventurous journey. We are proud to be with you, guiding you towards your health and happiness.


Thank you and may you always be healthy.Team Desikhoj